Our High-quality metal zipper is available in three versions characterized by different teeth shape: 


Standard zipper – single sided zipper with narrow teeth,


Medium zipper – double sided zipper with the teeth of medium thickness,


Corn zipper – double sided with solid, symmetrical teeth.


All the types come in three sizes # 3, # 5 and # 8.

We accept custom orders for other sizes of zipper.


We offer our zipper in many different color combinations: black or coloured tape is available with nickel, gold or black teeth. Our clients value the metal sliders which perfectly match the zipper. The sliders and pullers don’t get blocked on the zipper teeth and slide extremely gentle on the zipper. The zipper tape is used primarily in leather products such as bags, briefcases and wallets but is equally applicable in clothing, footwear and covers production.


Metal zipper in a subtle way adds impressive appearance to your products and makes them more durable – increasing your customers’ satisfaction from using your products at the same time!


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