The gallantry chains we offer are two types: aluminium and steel. The chain links can be cut or uncut. The scope of the links width is 0.5 cm up to 3 cm. Small chains are available in many colours: nickel, black nickel, different hues of gold (light gold, yellow gold, old gold). They can make decoration of handbags, clothes or shoes or come as an independent product, e.g. a bag pendant.


Lighter aluminium chains are suited for delicate products, like evening purses, while steel chains are more appropriate for articles which task is withstanding greater loads. We are offering necessary accessories, matching the selected chain in regard to its colour and style.


Last but not least, separate  category of gallantry chains are ball chains. Our ball chains are sold in ready sections or in meters and come in different sizes. The most common among their possible uses is fastening of clothes labels or handbags decorations.


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